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Street Cop

Street Cop is the exciting story of one man's career in Law Enforcement. David Spell joined the Gwinnett County Police Department in 1984 at the tender age of twenty-one. This fast moving narrative takes the reader inside the squad car with David as he patrols some of the most dangerous areas and neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta. If you like the TV show Cops, you will love Street Cop. Get ready for your tour of duty. Strap into the passenger seat of David's squad car and enjoy the car chases, foot chases, fights, murder investigations, and other assorted crazy calls. You are about to see first-hand what it is really like on America's mean streets!

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Street Cop II: Reloaded

Didn't get enough of Street Cop's crazy, in your face stories? Street Cop II picks right up where the first book left off. From the first chapter, where the officers have to fight their way through a crowd of 200 drunk party goers to later, being part of the tactical team that was tasked with taking down a Mexican brothel, guarded by a midget pimp, you will not be able to put this book down!

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